Monday, 19 September 2011

dark nights.

so the first EVER… European Supreme shop is opening up in London on the 22nd of this month…

this has its pros and it definitely has its cons…

regardless I still love supreme, they just know how to make quality clothes that are original and fresh without being obvious.  

secondly and something a little bit more mainstream ..

I'm on nightshifts at the moment for our creative sign off at Topshop… and I realised last night how good the product is at the moment for A/W 11…

Firstly and foremost .. 


I am obsessed with the pair below.. they're called Absinthe… and in real life they are actually incredible - and surprisingly go with EVERYTHING. 

The ones below are called Allegra.. and they are the perfect day to night shoes - the little bit of height gives them an elegance but the classic Chelsea boot structure means they grunge down winter florals or a midi skirt.

on to Accessories…

The perfect accessory for this winter is a good Beanie hat… weather it has a bobble on or not.. wear it with a girly outfit (and keep it on indoors) to grunge it up…

or just goth it up completely anyway and add a beanie for emphasis. 

and last, but definitely not least… 


Crushed velvet is back for winter…. so wear it casually and tone it down with some creepers or a pair of low Dr. Martens… also clash and layer contrasting textures… it will never get old. 
Doesn't matter what form… get some cords.

so that's pretty much a wrap for today.. time to get ready for a long night. 


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