Monday, 30 May 2011

this and that.

Since i got my Rayban Club masters i haven't worn any other glasses until now.

i took a LOAD of pictures of them because Im obsessed. They're from Topshop Unique.
i got them whilst visiting the secret store where i bought this..

i love intricate detailing. My love of all things glittery and sparkly stems from my love of the 80's where glitter and gold was on overdrive. 

I've been spending far too much the past week, got myself some bargains though, including a polaroid camera for 3 squid from a charity shop

and this necklace which i am obsessed with for 90 pennies. 

Its a sixpence and theres just something so intriguing about it. 

lastly, thought i would share with you something i stole of my friend libby who is the bees knees. 
(im living with her next year and can NOT wait) 

Sunday, 29 May 2011

mine. MINE. MINEE.

so this is my bike now. (as soon as i collect it) 
i literally cant stop smiling. 

Friday, 27 May 2011

can you say powerful

theres something about him, it makes me weak with desire and lust. 
It's all in his eyes.

After visiting the Secret Store in Topshop today i feel inspired, and emptied of money. 
I will do a post on my purchases tomorrow but for now, 
so long.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

it's a secret, can you keep it..

Topshop have a massive, not too secret,  SECRET. check it out right now.

This is what makes Topshop stay at the forefront of the Fashion High street.
My inspiration for clothes very much comes from an initial source rather than just purely the aesthetics of the clothes themselves, although that is a contributing factor. 
The fact that this secret store is based around nature in the form of Flowers is thought provoking.

so find out about this Secret store and remember you heard it here first.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

they're grrrrrrrrrreat.

Vans x Supreme animal print, new for spring/summer 11 available as of the 26th of may.

i really like these, but think the checkered panel at the back ruins them a little. I get that they are combining bold prints which the brands are known for, but i think they should have just left the animal print on its own as the body of the shoe with the vans logo at the back of the sole is iconic enough.

sometimes less really is more,

but never the less... i love the zebra print, its current and in 3 colour ways their is something for everyone.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Internet Picks. and recommendations.

so i've picked out a few of my favourite items on the Topshop and ASOS websites - here they are.

Starting with Topshop...

i am a sucker for the America trend and these are no exception. 
I love them.

I am loving, what i like to call, the confused hem line dress trend. There are loads of mini-maxi dresses about. Its fresh and summery and it works. Plus i love the graduated colours of this dress.. earthy and lovely.

These sunglasses by Boutique at Topshop are right up my street. My old John Lennon glasses sadly broke whilst i was in NYC i think these are going to be the replacements.


They have this whole bodycon trend going on and surprisingly they've managed to come up with some original bodycon dresses which haven't been seen a million times before in every high street store. 

I think this is a perfect summer evening dress - the colours are lovely.

I have a thing about tops/dresses with intricate backs, and this fits the mould just perfectly. I think the back of a dress is just as important as the front and can sometime be more so. 

and whilst we're internet shopping how about this crop top by HELLZ available on NASTY GAL

plus check out my mateys tumblr for some inspiration

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

all creatures great and small

I am loving this new video for James Blakes song Lindisfarne, not even reaching youtube yet i give you a weird and wonderful brand spanking new video, directed by Martin de Thurah it disturbs and inspires at the same time.

Monday, 16 May 2011

leopard and save the fishys.

Loving this 5 panel hat from Japanese brand Masterpiece, would love to see a guy rocking this.

i'm not so sure about these Givenchy shoes on the other hand, 

I just think they don't work. I hope even Russell Brand would know better.

Plus Selfridges have teamed up with 80's Bold Slogan T-shirt designer Katharine Hamnett for a 'save the Ocean' collection.

I want one of the T-shirts, i think we all need to think about the imprint on the environment and love how designers and shops, that are influential enough to make a difference such as Selfridges, create collaborations such as these.

 Here are a few of my favourites from the collection

SO buy a T-shirt or Tea-towel and save the fishys, you can refer to the Sustainable seafood guide on the Tea-towel to see how you can start saving the swimming snappers. 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

smashing it.

So the jamie XX remix of Adele's 'Rolling in the deep' was already genius, but this takes it to a WHOLE new level. 

i am obsessed with it, makes me want to dance, and be at OUTLOOK festival right now. 

the 30's and beyond.

So a few days ago I went and saw 'Water For Elephants' starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Patterson. I am not a fan of Patterson, but this movie was incredible. I did spend the entire time turning green due to how amazingly beautiful Reese looked.

i got really inspired by her whole image and this is the result...
so i didn't get the finger wave exactly right or close too, but it's inspired.

Whilst I'm on the topic of myself, and what I've been doing, here is what I've been wearing this week.

Wide leg, floaty, cream trousers - Topshop
Fitted nude crop top - American Apparel

Black leotard - Miss Selfridge
Mid length mini-floral print maxi - Topshop

Backless Vivid Sea print Shirt - Topshop

Floral headband (putting myself out of business for the moment - Primark

I realise after this section that it appears i am a bit of a high street fanatic, and i definitely do love a bit of high street shopping however, i recently did a Charity shop raid and found some wonders.

i will post pictures in the next couple of days of what i found, and in one case what i lost.

I bought this amazing white maxi dress which had lace detailing at the top and in the space of getting from the Watford Charity shops to my home, it went missing. If anyone knows of its location and is coincidentally reading this, i would be beyond happy to have it returned. THANKS.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dreams of Estonia.

So i am probably deluded however i have this romantic vision of Estonia. Something about its history; its strive for independence and just generally the underrated but seemingly beautiful aesthetics appeal to me. 

It is in my top 10 places i want to go to in the next 5 - 7 years.
others include

San Francisco 


So anyways, Estonia always seems to pop up when i am browsing the internet. It seems that Estonian natives have amazing fashion potential. Not only have they produced bloggers such as Fallie, who is  barely a teenager, but they have hundreds of thrift stores around the country which i would love to spend a a couple of weeks raiding.

I think it is countries like Estonia which we need to give more credit too, and give them a chance, 

Well anyways there is a point to this post and it is this...

They have some AMAZING jewellery makers... who make amazing one off pieces. 

Individuality is what i imagine Estonia to have when Places like London and New York lack.

These are Ear Cuffs by 

Anni J├╝rgenson

She is from Tartu in Estonia and i think they are beyond beautiful - not to mention she is Fallie's older sister.

 and these are all under £25 ..... BARGAIN

Sunday, 8 May 2011

just because.

So i have been really ill this past week, but this is something to lift the mood.

Karl Lagerfeld is a genius.
And I have an massive obsession with Freja Beha.

i can not wait for this.

Plus, i NEED these sunnies. They are simply the BEES KNEES.


only $48....

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

music to my ears.

So Louboutin have bought out a new colour way for their Biarritz Flat.

I think they are unbelievably classic, they are $695 dollars on the Louboutin website.
The perfect investment for the summer months for any man. 

i know i'm a bit late to jump on this band-waggon, but i'm on now, and I am LOVING it.

this is Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, they are completely everything i love, take a listen if you haven't already and prepare to be tapping your toes and have the urge to jive.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

This is where i embrace my surname.

Ok, so i think these have to be mine,
Jefferey Campbell USA Lita platforms. 

could it get any better?