Monday, 27 June 2011


Art or fashion?

Where do the two meet?

is fashion a form of art… well let me answer that… if it wasn't before it is now.

These shoes by Finsk.
They break all the boundaries and yet my trusty and favourite shoe website say 'you can actually walk in these' 

i have loads of stuff to share with you, but for now i need some zzzz's.  


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

happy birthday to me….

So after the most traumatising night shift ever my birthday turned out to be rather lovely. 

My brother (chloe) came round bearing gifts.
She made me the most amazing, coffee cake with chocolate fudge topping and buttercream filling. Amazing…. diabetes in a cake.

some birthday sweets left for me by mummy state.

A beaut six pack of mountain dew from chloe… because it's my favourite drink ever.

Then went out for a lovely meal with the fam, and out for ice cream after. 

And heres some polaroids from the weekend…

a messy party at ours, massive shout to everyone for coming, and to the people who worked their magic on the decks. it was a wicked night.

myself, chloe and rosa.

and not to mention the highlight of my birthday.. i can now officially ride my bike. what out the streets of Bushey, i'm coming at ya'

and so another year of madness begins, productivity and progression = aim of the year.

Monday, 20 June 2011


He's done it again. 
i know i post a lot of Jeffrey Campbell shoes on TTOBT but he just smashes it with every design.

Even though these shoes see heavy influences from the likes of Prada an Charlotte Olympia… they are all still amazing and it is the price point and attention to detail which makes them amazing!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

picks of the week.

SO i haven't had a chance to do a what I've been wearing sector, or many posts for that matter… that will come … but heres some of my picks of the week for gallys fashion and accessories. 

i begin with this Wildfox tee. Simple easy and humorous. Perfect. 

secondly, Jefferey Campbell has been unrivalled in my opinion since i have known of his shoes, however these Shazzam platforms by Steve Madden do come close. They are chunky and bold and very very wearable. 

Topshop goodies…

Fringing is always a winner.. this silk shirt is a must have. 

and Topshop are really on point with these Lace-up Wedges, in both colour ways they are beautiful - perfect day shoes.

Lastly and my favourite of all.. these amazing necklaces….

They are by NOIR and they are a perfect clash of day of the dead and New Orleans gulf influence. 

I just can't get enough. They are a fresh take on the skull and pirate influences which influence so much jewellery we wear today. They are bold and beautiful. 

I NEED… feel free to get me one… seeming as its my birthday in less than a week. 

Monday, 13 June 2011

yabba dabba doo.

ok so im going to start this post with a bang, 

i NEED one of these crop tops from the website, they are just incredible. 


i also ADORE these images by artist Jill Greenberg, i came across these images by chance and they are just perfection. There is a sense of empowerment and strength about them and yet a weightlessness and infinity. 

The combo of heels and water captured through a glass bottom pool produces mesmerising images.


for the gents out there….

a perfect summer snapback from Rockwell, good colour combination and from a rising company.

i love round aviator style sunnies, and these Thom Browne ones are No exception. I want a pair but seeming as they are on the pricy side i think i will stick to my Topshop unique ones, which are relatively similar. 

and lastly another post for the fashion forward men…. 

the spring/summer 2012 collection by marc jacobs.

there are definitely some thought provoking pieces in this collection, however the Flinstones theme seems a little unwelcome. Although the enlarged animal print garments add a certain something to the collection i cant help but feel it just doesn't quite work.

The coat below is with out a doubt my favourite piece of the collection. The contrasting detailing of the pockets is subtle but powerful. An easy and effective piece for a guy to pull off.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

catch up.

so i haven't posted in a few days, but heres some food for your eyes and ears. 

lets start with breakfast...

this track is from the new album 'Goodbye Bread' by Ty Segall, it takes a slightly different turn from his previous albums, and i just can't get enough of this song.

on to lunch, and not holding back anything, this is an all out FEAST. 

this is the self explanatory Beach Towel from the feisty brand Married To The Mob. Known for their bold and somewhat controversial slogan tees, this towel stays true to form. 

Lasty dinner time and time for the ultimate indulgence.

This pair of Christian Louboutin Mikarani slippers are just show stopping. The perfect pair of flats maybe? I struggle with flat shoes, and never really wear pumps or anything of the sort, if its flats i normally wear boots, however these are incredible, and just look at that red sole shining away.

and just for a bit of desert..

Jefferey Campbell never ceases to amaze, or out do himself.
He is with out a doubt my favourite shoe designer of the the year.


 one more thing, as i have so much to catch up on. I literally need to own a piece of clothing from Black Milk. Their stuff is heavy.