Thursday, 31 March 2011


ok so here is my last post before i go to the BIG apple, i am leaving for the airport in a couple of hours.

SO, i thought i would share with you my plans.

firstly what I'm taking with me. 
my pre-NYC post will consist of accessories i am taking and then my post-NYC will consist of what i wore and bought. 

firstly the Topshop flash sale which i spent night shifts helping to set up, put me in good steed for new garms.

I bought these 2 pairs of B.B's Beautiful Bargains.

this pair of brogue boots, originally £70 ... i got them for a tenner. Very happy.
Secondly, and Most importantly, this pair of amazing Topshop Premium heels, originally £100, i got them for... wait for it... 


SO both of these will be coming to NYC with me i think.
Secondly accessories.
The weather forecast isn't looking amazing but never the less i will be rocking these.

my beautiful ray-bans.

feather headband

bowler hat

& then seeming as i have never been i will be armed with ALL of my cameras.
my fish eye 

My diana mini

& my Pentax K-M
& my fuji instax (the new polaroid which everyone should have) 

I have been downloading music all evening for the plane journey and uploading CD's i haven't had a chance to yet.

This is the pile of clothes. it is small so i can make many additions to my wardrobe.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


So i have been super busy over the past few days, and haven't blogged much at all. but here's something to keep you going until tomorrow when i promise i will do a jam packed pre - NYC post.

These are the Diet Coke and Karl Lagerfeld collab. 
they are due for release in June, but i want them now. 

Sunday, 27 March 2011

burberry acoustic

If it is possible to class acoustic as a genre, it is definitely my favourite.
Burberry do acoustic sessions so well and they have some new videos.

... remember the levis ad-man... josh beech.. 
love it.

i like their sound, i wasn't sure at first but listening to the song a few times it has definitely grown on me.

NEW HAIR, INK and video.

ok so i haven't posted in a while, been busy doing night shifts and the usual playtime.

This busyness translates into a few changes.

Firstly, me and my bro from OTT nails dip dyed our hair today. 
I have to say i am oh so pleased with the results as it was a DIY job.

i went for vibrant purple, but it came out slightly lighter, which i like a lot.

and chloe went for a reddy pink. It looks awesome. 

plus i got some new ink.

It is definitely my favourite tat i have so far.
it says Elvis Presley, and it's because i am in love with that man.

So that's it for my transient aesthetics, but check out this Video. Probably my favourite video of 2011 so far, and a dope song.

tomorrow i will do a 'what i've been wearing post', but so long for now. 

Thursday, 24 March 2011


John Legend covering Adele... failure in impossible. Greatness is inevitable.

feasting on the possibilities

JAMIE WOON - i love his music and new album is looking to be a treat. 

Plus.. the new Trapstar collection dropped today. 

I need the INVASION tee 


i need this snapback.


err.... YES

Monday, 21 March 2011

weekly wardrobe & more.

so here are 2 outfits from this week of working. 

shirt - DIY shirt bought from topshop and sleeves cut off.
skirt -
shoes - topshop

Jacket - Vintage
dress - DIY topshop. 
Boots - Dr. Martens.
Headscarf - Vintage.

Trend of this week is 'black and red'... i guess this week as it has been quite nice weather i wanted to morph into spring dressing, however i believe this doesn't always have to be done with light colours, so bare legs was the way forward this week.

plus i am LOVING this Proenza Schouler dress worn by Jessica Alba. Everything about her in this dress is fashion conscious and it works a treat. 

Plus for the brave and bold men out there, how about this Givenchy leopard print Jacket. There are not many people that could rock this, but i reckon the few that had the guts would look AMAZING.
Julian Casablancas definitely needs an addition to his wardrobe if he doesn't already own this.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Johnny Cupcake

So me and my sister charlie went to check out the newly opened Johnny Cupcake store in Carnaby street.

All the staff are really nice and Johnny himself was in the store and was such a lovely guy.
The store itself is really small but really creative, it sticks to the baking theme throughout and it really works.

Charlie bought the Mickey cake and cross bone top, which i was obsessed with and so were the staff as they matched my creepers. Before we left Johnny gave me a badge to match.

Check out these snaps i took.

plus on the way home i saw a load of vintage Mercs. They melt me from the inside.

Friday, 18 March 2011

So i really enjoy this collab, it is a mix of 2 really good solid brands.
and their spring/summer 11 collection is now available from covent garden, so i will have to go and check it out. 

here are a few of my favourite pieces.

And by goodness does the model do these items justice. 

plus i just love Rihanna. Stylist, shmylist.. she rocks it.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

change of heart.

so i have a lot to post about this evening. 
first and formally, one of my beautiful buddy's artwork her name is Sid.

I am obsessed with her stuff.. She only showed me her work yesterday, and it is right up my street. I can't help but link it the genius of Basquiat. 

take a look at a few below..

'What you love is not always good for you'

'painting horrible pictures of nice boys'

i'm pretty sure the captions aren't the titles, however i like the ideology they create in unity with the pantings.
I think it is the colours and the, what appears to be, sporadic composition of images which make her work so aesthetically pleasing. The paint seems to have been effortlessly been placed on to the backing, and the words create a stream of consciousness of the complimentary patches of colour.

My art historical vocab seems to be coming back to me in dribs and drabs... but basically i love her work,  and the content and meanings locked within the pieces. 
SO check out her Fickr

Secondly, a while back i blogged about the Nike x Liberty collab. The full collection has dropped and it is simply perfect.

these two are my favourite. English and Beautiful.


Japan we <3 u.

cool cats japan shirt.

Everyone knows about what's happened in Japan - it is always so good to see that companies with the power to make even a small bit of difference do their piece.

My plastic heart is with you JAPANANANA.