Saturday, 26 February 2011

all that glitters is BJORG

I am not really a jewellery wearer, and i don't own a single piece of expensive jewellery, not because i don't want to, but because i haven't found a piece that i really want, that is definitely not the case now!

If you haven't heard of this label before, and i hadn't before today, it's called BJORG. 

They have made some creations which scream AMAZING!
 - The pieces all seem to be inspired by nature -whether it's nature in terms of human relationships and feelings, or nature in a literal term; wildlife and the human form.

check out a few of my favourite pieces.
i love this spine ring, Vivienne Westwood's armour rings have just been parred.

there are a load of tacky double-knuckle rings floating around on the high-street these days, but I am ever so keen on this one!

This silver pendant with a rough uncut diamond is so subtle and beautifully though out. I cant help but feel the rough diamond and the un-smoothes surface of the pendant are somewhat of a metaphor for natural beauty. Simple and effective.

i never thought the image of a real heart could be romanticised, the human heart is aesthetically vulgar, but this necklace couldn't  be more perfect and sweet.

I have been wanting a wishbone pendant for a while now, and i really like the combination of pendants, its really well thought out.

The engraved pendants all have a really positive vibe, they remind me of my mum, she is always framing slogans like these and putting them up in our toilet, 

 My favourite pendants however are these two.
They are just beautiful in a relatively sadistic way. It's the colour and concept; butterflies are associated with delicacy and beauty - for these two concepts to be captured is both sad and wonderful, but it works, and oh so well. I am just in love with them. 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

suck on that dorothy.

so i know they're not red, but i think they are a little better than the one dorothy wore. 
Jeffery Campbell - Lita Platforms.

P.s I know they're not new, but i am getting excited for the weekend - screw a heart or brain, or courage, i want some Lita platforms.

or some Throwdown Wedge Boots for the day

i've got the mid-week blues and i need some shoes.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Gaga makes a spectacle.

this video is just a little bit hot.

i love the Supreme creation by Kerin Rose from A-Morir.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE A-Morirs collection of glasses. Unless you have some serious swagger they are completely unwearable but amazing. 
Check them out.

best seller - i can see why... Studded Sensation.

If i only i had these complete with a manicure from my buddy at OTT nails.

i need these glasses and the shorts from Rihanna's 'Rude Boy' video. 

dream catchers. (Catch this dream please - I dream of owning all these glasses)

feathers are my thing. I love them. Feathers and skulls and shades... well this pair of beauties scream perfection, i think i would actually wear this on a daily basis if i could afford it, for its pure genius. 

Monday, 21 February 2011

a creative collage of goodness.

Kurt Geiger.
Think 70's inspired shoes that exploit the Rainbow.

the orange wedges are definitely my favourite, i need some new wedges but i am not so sure for everyday wear this collection is the way forward... there is nothing subtle about these shoes.
I do like to make a statement with what a wear, however i prefer to do that with design rather than colour.

Freja Beha Erichsen.

i love how successful she is, i love that she is inked with small tattoo's all over, i love that she is Karl Lagerfeld's muse. 

i want to steal the placement of this tattoo, or the one round her wrist for the Johnny Cash lyrics i want to get.

& lastly - 
i am in love with this 'polaroid' i took of Wonderlust playing on saturday night. They were great.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

going to be a wonderslut.

One of my lovely friends is amazing at illustrations..

below are a few of my personal favourites...

This print is of my beautiful friend Georgia.. Aaron's lady, and they make a wonderful pair, and that's why this print is just my favourite. 

check his blog out...never surrender

and his band... Wonderlust,

i am going to see them tonight, and its always a barrel of fun because even though their recordings are great, they are just so much better live. 

you aint gonna find love, let love find you.

so i have come across a collection of amazing sunglasses.
A collab by Linda Farrow and Jeremy Scott.

They are pretty fly

They are a little eccentric, but i would wear the winged ones seriously

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

dry the river & fruity shoes.

So one of my favourite bands to listen to at the moment is Dry the River. 

I find a lot of songs these days, have lyrics which don't make sense or the general feel of the song is very static (in terms of lyrics) that is definitely not the case with dry the river. Their songs are filled with meaning and metaphors. If i was going to compare them to a band that everyone knows, it would probably be Mumford and Sons, but Dry the River, in terms of lyrics and looks, adopt a jesus chic vibe - it works for them though.

I am not religious but i do like the idea of religion - there is no denying a lot of the references in Dry the River's music are christian ones, but i don't think you have to be christian or religious to appreciate the true value of their lyrics - They do not sing about religion but use the ideas of christianity and the bible to emphasise the concepts of love, relationships, break-ups which means anyone, religious or otherwise can relate to. 

Watch the video below from the WatchListenTell acoustic sessions, it is beautiful and shows their true vocal ability as a band. 

Back to Fashion - SHOES SHOES SHOES.

i am in love with this spring/summer 11 look book by Charlotte Dellal - The line is called Charlotte olympia, and their spring summer look book has a pin-up feel and is just candy for your eyes. 

i want the shoes and i love the fruit theme - emphasising the key pair of shoes - the fruit cocktail pair. 


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

major girl crush

So if i could be anyone, realistically, it would probably be Gillian Zinser. She is Insanely hot, dresses amazingly and she's a surfer gally. 

If you don't have a clue who i'm talking about she plays Ivy from 90210, and if you still don't know, just enjoy her amazingness.

I love that she has amazing fashion sense, but has completely her own style, she also reminds me how much I want to go surfing again. I miss my yearly trips to Cornwall, i want to go surfing at least once in the next 12 months, and in the next 2 years i want to go on a surfing holiday to America.