Sunday, 16 October 2011

lack of I.

So I normally just don't post if I'm feeling uninspired.
It's not for any reason other than that I can't find anything that seems new and exciting.

So I think I'm going to take my DSLR out on a hike this week.
I got a new film camera last week from a charity shop which i am LOVING.

but for now since I want to go and see 'Midnight In Paris' this weekend when it comes out i will make this post Parisian inspired.

 - Paris is one of my favourite places, I've visited there quite a lot last year and had the most amazing time with some of my favourite people.

Because this video is pretty irrelevant but make me want to be french.

The images below are from a blog i love, 'i still shoot film'

It's all about film cameras, and this is why. 

You don't get images like this from digital media.


Because Bon Iver means 'Good Winter' 
and this rendition is beyond beautiful.

I vouch to make it more fashion related next time, and maybe do some outfit posts, as i haven't in a while.


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