Monday, 9 January 2012

I'm back.

ok, so first off, happy new year.
I haven't posted in AGES because of the christmas period and exams etc.
But I'm back today with a bumper post. 

Ok so i think the first thing i have to mention is my rediculously expanding shoe collection.

Over christmas my collection expanded quite a bit.

(a new pair of J.Cs has landed…. art or shoes? they're unworn meaning I still haven't decided)

triple sole creepers. I love them a little bit more every day.

And then i go on to bits and bobs that I think are heavy at the moment.

This Jeremy Scott x Addidas tee… which showcases their elaborate trainers from previous collections.

Then there's these loafers… Dr. Martens x Bape….

I really like them as D.M's but i just don't see the Bape input and think its a bit of a cop out as far as collaborations go.

Secondly I am thinking to sell on my low rider… (cry cry) to replace it with something a little more practical… I'm thinking along these lines….

and just to make this personal, and for the sake of how i used to post… heres a shot of what I was wearing the other day when I went to this amazing Thai restaurant on Old Street called Busaba.

( plus it was Elvis' birthday yesterday, so birthday wishes to the king) 

my favourite Calvin Klein belt which my ma'm handed down to me. 

Plus yesterday I spent the day exploring london, and went to the Tate Modern and forgot how much I love art. 
I really hate all this 'new year, new you' stuff but I'm definitely going to make a point of going to more galleries and exhibitions this year.

I really like the irony of this installation by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Plus this is a bit of a stolen girl crush from my lovely friend grace;

Rita Ora.

Rihanna and her crotch grabbing ways could learn a thing or two about style and singing.
and thats it. but, and i know i always say this, will try to be more frequent.