Sunday, 5 June 2011

catch up.

so i haven't posted in a few days, but heres some food for your eyes and ears. 

lets start with breakfast...

this track is from the new album 'Goodbye Bread' by Ty Segall, it takes a slightly different turn from his previous albums, and i just can't get enough of this song.

on to lunch, and not holding back anything, this is an all out FEAST. 

this is the self explanatory Beach Towel from the feisty brand Married To The Mob. Known for their bold and somewhat controversial slogan tees, this towel stays true to form. 

Lasty dinner time and time for the ultimate indulgence.

This pair of Christian Louboutin Mikarani slippers are just show stopping. The perfect pair of flats maybe? I struggle with flat shoes, and never really wear pumps or anything of the sort, if its flats i normally wear boots, however these are incredible, and just look at that red sole shining away.

and just for a bit of desert..

Jefferey Campbell never ceases to amaze, or out do himself.
He is with out a doubt my favourite shoe designer of the the year.


 one more thing, as i have so much to catch up on. I literally need to own a piece of clothing from Black Milk. Their stuff is heavy. 

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