Tuesday, 21 June 2011

happy birthday to me….

So after the most traumatising night shift ever my birthday turned out to be rather lovely. 

My brother (chloe) came round bearing gifts.
She made me the most amazing, coffee cake with chocolate fudge topping and buttercream filling. Amazing…. diabetes in a cake.

some birthday sweets left for me by mummy state.

A beaut six pack of mountain dew from chloe… because it's my favourite drink ever.

Then went out for a lovely meal with the fam, and out for ice cream after. 

And heres some polaroids from the weekend…

a messy party at ours, massive shout to everyone for coming, and to the people who worked their magic on the decks. it was a wicked night.

myself, chloe and rosa.

and not to mention the highlight of my birthday.. i can now officially ride my bike. what out the streets of Bushey, i'm coming at ya'

and so another year of madness begins, productivity and progression = aim of the year.

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