Monday, 4 July 2011

blah blah blahhh.

so ive been working so much i have hardly posted, on the 22nd i will finally be joining the iphone hype, and then i have no excuse not to post everyday on my long bus rides.

so heres some candy for your ears and eyes.

reminiscent of the song 'heart and soul' which was a fly away one hit wonder from T'pau, but never the less this synth-heavy tune has a demand in the market right now, i believe, so check her other stuff out and decide for yourself whether Charlie XCX will follow in the foot steps of T'pau to become a strong one-hit wonder.

for the guys who like a fresh snapback watch out for these two bad-boys which are going to drop on the Trapstar web store soon.

These are the product of a collab which are fresh as hell.


on another note, my birthday present from my bro was this amazing clock from a vintage store.
I loveeeeeee it.

I am also loving my Dolly Parton boots which i got from Office. i am finding it hard not to over wear them, this will become possible when i get my beautiful, BEAUTIFUL Jeffrey Campbells in the post all the way from the US of A.

& lastly, i know my taste in men is somewhat deranged and i believe Rick Genest to be no exception. 
But he is art in a man. I think he's beautiful and i would love to bring him home to meet the family. 

goodnight xx

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