Wednesday, 16 February 2011

dry the river & fruity shoes.

So one of my favourite bands to listen to at the moment is Dry the River. 

I find a lot of songs these days, have lyrics which don't make sense or the general feel of the song is very static (in terms of lyrics) that is definitely not the case with dry the river. Their songs are filled with meaning and metaphors. If i was going to compare them to a band that everyone knows, it would probably be Mumford and Sons, but Dry the River, in terms of lyrics and looks, adopt a jesus chic vibe - it works for them though.

I am not religious but i do like the idea of religion - there is no denying a lot of the references in Dry the River's music are christian ones, but i don't think you have to be christian or religious to appreciate the true value of their lyrics - They do not sing about religion but use the ideas of christianity and the bible to emphasise the concepts of love, relationships, break-ups which means anyone, religious or otherwise can relate to. 

Watch the video below from the WatchListenTell acoustic sessions, it is beautiful and shows their true vocal ability as a band. 

Back to Fashion - SHOES SHOES SHOES.

i am in love with this spring/summer 11 look book by Charlotte Dellal - The line is called Charlotte olympia, and their spring summer look book has a pin-up feel and is just candy for your eyes. 

i want the shoes and i love the fruit theme - emphasising the key pair of shoes - the fruit cocktail pair. 


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