Saturday, 26 February 2011

all that glitters is BJORG

I am not really a jewellery wearer, and i don't own a single piece of expensive jewellery, not because i don't want to, but because i haven't found a piece that i really want, that is definitely not the case now!

If you haven't heard of this label before, and i hadn't before today, it's called BJORG. 

They have made some creations which scream AMAZING!
 - The pieces all seem to be inspired by nature -whether it's nature in terms of human relationships and feelings, or nature in a literal term; wildlife and the human form.

check out a few of my favourite pieces.
i love this spine ring, Vivienne Westwood's armour rings have just been parred.

there are a load of tacky double-knuckle rings floating around on the high-street these days, but I am ever so keen on this one!

This silver pendant with a rough uncut diamond is so subtle and beautifully though out. I cant help but feel the rough diamond and the un-smoothes surface of the pendant are somewhat of a metaphor for natural beauty. Simple and effective.

i never thought the image of a real heart could be romanticised, the human heart is aesthetically vulgar, but this necklace couldn't  be more perfect and sweet.

I have been wanting a wishbone pendant for a while now, and i really like the combination of pendants, its really well thought out.

The engraved pendants all have a really positive vibe, they remind me of my mum, she is always framing slogans like these and putting them up in our toilet, 

 My favourite pendants however are these two.
They are just beautiful in a relatively sadistic way. It's the colour and concept; butterflies are associated with delicacy and beauty - for these two concepts to be captured is both sad and wonderful, but it works, and oh so well. I am just in love with them. 

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