Monday, 25 April 2011


Ok so i haven't posted in a while, I am truly sorry, i have just been so busy having a whale of a time.

So for this come-back post i feel it relevant to show you a little of what i have been doing, 
for the day, a few days ago, i 'modelled' for the amazing brand DOGHOUSE

It was for their ASOS market place boutique - check them all out here their stuff is wicked!! and I'm not just saying that, such nice quality as well so go and purchase something, it's all unisex!

 check out the garms on ASOS

it's the first thing i've ever done like that and it was such a lovely day with such lovely people; a lot of laughs. 

hope all had a good easter - i have been having too much fun but i do vow not to have a posting drought again. 

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