Tuesday, 12 April 2011

not letting the good times roll by with out me.

What I've been wearing.

So i haven't done this feature in a while, 

Today i was wearing this outfit.

The Sid Vicious t-shirt from supreme. 
A levis denim jacket which has lace and studding detailing on the back from the Ragged Priest.
Lace leggings from Topshop
Classic desert boots from Office
and a lot of under-eye gold glitter.. because glitter is the must do of the moment.

Today i also got very inspired today whilst at work as i was working on the ground floor in amongst all the new trends which are being launched, and the two trends which are catching my eye are called

and Gypsy rocker. 

Nomad is Topshops answer to a festival trend.. think coachella festival, layers, patchwork, feathers and fringing... it is the re-vamped version of the old trend snake valley.

Gypsy rocker has nothing to do with my big fat gypsy wedding, it is dark florals with a punky edge, so the idea would be a dark floral crop top with a matching floral print maxi skirt matched with a distressed looking leather jacket and a pair of killer block heels or wooden wedges.

so my inspiration led to this....

Tribal print make-up. I think i am going to wear a version of this to work tomorrow. 
and this...
it's some kind gypsy rocker-tribal-fringed ensemble i created from a sheet of material.

Also in the next few days i am going to a few locations that are so beautiful at this time of year, and in such a close radius i don't want to miss their fleeting beauty.

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