Tuesday, 5 April 2011


So i thought i would put up my polaroids of New York here,

it was an amazing trip, consisted of a lot of shopping eating and walking and not a lot else.

verdict of NYC

the shopping was good, a little over priced in the mainstream stores, but what do you expect... it's tourist central... as soon as you head a little further out away from Macys and Bloomingdales you see what New York really has to offer. 

We found some amazing vintage stores, and there was this store called the Buffalo exchange ... it is a great idea for a store... you can take your clothes which are in good condition and they will buy them off you, they don't have to be vintage, just allows for some bargain hunting.

my sister found a pair of horse hair zebra print vans for $15, i found an urban outfitters dress for $8 as well as some other finds.

The best Vintage store we found was one called No Relation.. i got a Levis denim jacket for $20 and some other little bargains.

the food was amazing... we tried to eat as stereotypically American as we possibly could... ribs burgers and pancakes, as well as Pinkberry.. which was amazing.

diet begins here.

We hit up the Supreme store where they confirmed that a london store will be opening in 'fall' of this year. Score. It is not simply the 'hype' around this store which makes it attractive, it is the quality of the clothes and the clothes themselves... the concepts of each item is just dope. so no, i shall not 'get over' it just yet. 

I wish i had more time there to sight see and do museums as i think that other than the vintage stores, going up the Empire State Building and seeing the Statue of Liberty was my favourite part. 

 i would definitely go again if the chance arises and when and if i would venture out of Manhattan and see what the rest of New York has to offer. 

failed attempt of capturing the statue of liberty in a heart.

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