Monday, 30 May 2011

this and that.

Since i got my Rayban Club masters i haven't worn any other glasses until now.

i took a LOAD of pictures of them because Im obsessed. They're from Topshop Unique.
i got them whilst visiting the secret store where i bought this..

i love intricate detailing. My love of all things glittery and sparkly stems from my love of the 80's where glitter and gold was on overdrive. 

I've been spending far too much the past week, got myself some bargains though, including a polaroid camera for 3 squid from a charity shop

and this necklace which i am obsessed with for 90 pennies. 

Its a sixpence and theres just something so intriguing about it. 

lastly, thought i would share with you something i stole of my friend libby who is the bees knees. 
(im living with her next year and can NOT wait) 

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