Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dee Ohh single GEE HOUSE.

So I have had possibly the busiest week EVER.

i'll begin with the end. 

I'm off to Venice tonight… i still haven't packed and i leave in a few hours.
From venice were going to Croatia where we are going to go crazy at Outlook Festival, so i wont be posting in the next few days.

Then on sunday i went up to Bricklane to meet with the Doghouse family and did a shoot for their new collection of Bags. WHICH ARE INCREDIBLE.

it was beautiful blue skies that day.

Me and the amazingly creative Manjit. The Dog-father fo shoo.

This is their marker stool in Brick lane…. check out their website… dog house

Then as well as working a nightshift and full time work I got the opportunity to assist a stylist named Natalie who writes the amazing blog layers and swathes. It was a shoot for the feathers online look book.
I felt incredibly lucky that this was my first proper experience on set and the team was so SO nice! 

every shot looked incredible and i can't wait to see the final product.

And so long for now, I am off to finish packing. We have also just found out our transfers from Venice to croatia are booked for the wrong day… they're booked for tomorrow before we even arrive in Italy. There is nothing we can do at this time of night so our adventure is going to be even more hectic and even more sporadic. 


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