Thursday, 11 August 2011

you should have put a ring on it.

uh oh…. 

Spanish Moss Vintage still remains to be one of my key websites for inspiration.

I've only ever bought 1 item from them and this was ages ago… back when they still had an Ebay site.

So anyways…

here my latest dose of inspiration…

Very hard to find short dresses that don't look cheap…

They loved this so they put many rings on it.

This Maurie and Eve cherokee dress below is abstract-astic.
one of the trends i did in my previous styling shoot was Kaleidoscope… I rest my case.

Check out these Lovely bones. I love cuffs, and this bone wrist cuff is heavy!

Time to wag your tail… grab yourself a tail or two and make a boring outfit or bag right on trend.

so long. 

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