Friday, 3 February 2012


Happy February guys and girlies. 

Here's a collage of things I've discovered recently.

Loving this video from Prada. 
not only have they styled the clothes beautifully, and in a completely wearable way, but they also use a clip of M.I.A…. 
love it.

I have to say however, I have mixed emotions about the flame sandals. I just don't think they work. I think a flame by itself is bold and harsh, and then the sandal is so dainty -  but maybe that's the irony. 
They may grow on me but I'm just not a fan of a kitten heel. 

keeping the spring/summer 2012 theme…
a collection I am swooning over…

Mundi-Vondi SS12 collection demonstrates how a collection with such unity of concepts can have such an impact.

I love the use of such dark colours for a SS collection.

also… a couple of weeks ago I went on a mass vintage buying hunt. I am currently in the process of taking photo's of all the stuff to put on Ebay. & on Sunday I'm going to be helping out at the Stratford Topshop Staff Personal Shopping Evening, so I'm going to take my camera with my so I can show you guys.

Last week I worked with the Stylist I assist on another shoot. It was for a look book of solely British designers. The shoot turned out amazing, as they always do with Natalie, so I can't wait to show you. 

also look how stylish my lovely friends looked last night as they went off to the opening of an exhibition.

Lastly I am very aware it's not a new track, but it is SUCH a tune. So thanks to my beautiful bean Rosa for introducing it to me. 

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