Friday, 10 February 2012

how far is too far?!

So I'm not particularly active when it comes to animal rights.
But I guess it's never too late to become active. I am all for experimental fashion….. and understand that fur was used in the past as a measure of survival, but as a modern western country I just can't help but pose the question how far is too far?
this coat is made from Monkey Fur… it is for sale on one of my favourite vintage online stores but for some reason it's really hit a nerve.

It was utterly wrong in the first place but, because it's already been done does that make it ok to buy or wear now?
Personally I just don't think it's ok to condone buying such produce.

I don't remember who it was, but I was having a conversation with someone about Lindsay Lohan. I was saying I thought she was hot… and I have to say these photographs taken by one of my favourite photographers; Terry Richardson do her every justice. The references to Marilyn are somewhat interesting… 
If I remember correctly there have been several shoots of Lohan which are Monroe Inspired and it somewhat makes me raise the second question of this post: Is Lohan the modern day Monroe? 

both battling with drugs and bad relationships and both undeniably beautiful and talented it seems fair to suggest that Lohan's frivolous and self-indulgent lifestyle is leading her the same way that Marilyn's did.

Terry Richardson never fails to take an immaculate photo - Lindsay is a consistent subject of his and he really does know how to translate her beauty onto a still image.

(also I love how she is rocking the Topshop Unique jumper dress)

Also I apologise for the heavy post.. I'm reading Plato's 'The Republic' and feeling somewhat philosophical. 

One more thing.

Terry Richardson has also recently photographed Lana Del Rey, I am fully aware that I posted her Video on here last year but I'm not going to lie.. I hadn't heard her live or even seen an interview with her. IRRELEVANT. Is the only word that comes to mind.

So instead of posting her on here, meet LLAMA Del Rey. In every sense more interesting than the real deal.

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