Thursday, 16 February 2012

jeremy scott & more.

Jeremy Scott is a collection I always look forward to. I can't say I am in ore of his collections as a unified body of work, however he has FRESH ideas and there are always individual pieces or outfits which i would kill for. 

In his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, that was on the catwalk today, the shock factor is definitely present and he lives up to all his expectations. I am so 50/50 about this collection….

Jeremy Scott is best know for his collaborations with Adidas - the winged sneeks, they have become an iconic shoe along with his trainers which have a furry creature replacing the tongue of the shoe. It is undeniable that these have made his career however, I feel the depths of his talent are displayed when he sticks to experimenting with colour,texture and the actual contours of garments. 

I understand that it is important for him to remain close to his origins, however i feel the reoccurring Bart Simpson somewhat down grade what is other wise an incredible collection - I think I might have even embraced the giant unicorn as It somewhat makes sense of the dream-like, over-the-rainbow, magical-land theme.

I like his bold use of colour and texture considering it's a winter collection, 


what i LOVE most of all is his choice to make matching separates a key piece to the collection. I can not tell you how much I need an outfit which is completely matching (& has cone detailing!!!)

So until these amazing Jeremy Scott ones are available I'll just have to invest in this slightly cheaper version from ASOS.

But I have to say I will be purchasing some items from this collection FOR SURE.

On a more personal note, and away from fashion I just wanted to take a moment to share with you the view from my flat. I can't tell you how impressive it is in real life… the colours which flood the sky at night and in the morning are just incredible and I'm always reaching for my camera… I have hundreds more just like these.

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