Thursday, 31 March 2011


ok so here is my last post before i go to the BIG apple, i am leaving for the airport in a couple of hours.

SO, i thought i would share with you my plans.

firstly what I'm taking with me. 
my pre-NYC post will consist of accessories i am taking and then my post-NYC will consist of what i wore and bought. 

firstly the Topshop flash sale which i spent night shifts helping to set up, put me in good steed for new garms.

I bought these 2 pairs of B.B's Beautiful Bargains.

this pair of brogue boots, originally £70 ... i got them for a tenner. Very happy.
Secondly, and Most importantly, this pair of amazing Topshop Premium heels, originally £100, i got them for... wait for it... 


SO both of these will be coming to NYC with me i think.
Secondly accessories.
The weather forecast isn't looking amazing but never the less i will be rocking these.

my beautiful ray-bans.

feather headband

bowler hat

& then seeming as i have never been i will be armed with ALL of my cameras.
my fish eye 

My diana mini

& my Pentax K-M
& my fuji instax (the new polaroid which everyone should have) 

I have been downloading music all evening for the plane journey and uploading CD's i haven't had a chance to yet.

This is the pile of clothes. it is small so i can make many additions to my wardrobe.

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