Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dreams of Estonia.

So i am probably deluded however i have this romantic vision of Estonia. Something about its history; its strive for independence and just generally the underrated but seemingly beautiful aesthetics appeal to me. 

It is in my top 10 places i want to go to in the next 5 - 7 years.
others include

San Francisco 


So anyways, Estonia always seems to pop up when i am browsing the internet. It seems that Estonian natives have amazing fashion potential. Not only have they produced bloggers such as Fallie, who is  barely a teenager, but they have hundreds of thrift stores around the country which i would love to spend a a couple of weeks raiding.

I think it is countries like Estonia which we need to give more credit too, and give them a chance, 

Well anyways there is a point to this post and it is this...

They have some AMAZING jewellery makers... who make amazing one off pieces. 

Individuality is what i imagine Estonia to have when Places like London and New York lack.

These are Ear Cuffs by 

Anni J├╝rgenson

She is from Tartu in Estonia and i think they are beyond beautiful - not to mention she is Fallie's older sister.

 and these are all under £25 ..... BARGAIN

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