Monday, 23 May 2011

Internet Picks. and recommendations.

so i've picked out a few of my favourite items on the Topshop and ASOS websites - here they are.

Starting with Topshop...

i am a sucker for the America trend and these are no exception. 
I love them.

I am loving, what i like to call, the confused hem line dress trend. There are loads of mini-maxi dresses about. Its fresh and summery and it works. Plus i love the graduated colours of this dress.. earthy and lovely.

These sunglasses by Boutique at Topshop are right up my street. My old John Lennon glasses sadly broke whilst i was in NYC i think these are going to be the replacements.


They have this whole bodycon trend going on and surprisingly they've managed to come up with some original bodycon dresses which haven't been seen a million times before in every high street store. 

I think this is a perfect summer evening dress - the colours are lovely.

I have a thing about tops/dresses with intricate backs, and this fits the mould just perfectly. I think the back of a dress is just as important as the front and can sometime be more so. 

and whilst we're internet shopping how about this crop top by HELLZ available on NASTY GAL

plus check out my mateys tumblr for some inspiration

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