Thursday, 17 March 2011

change of heart.

so i have a lot to post about this evening. 
first and formally, one of my beautiful buddy's artwork her name is Sid.

I am obsessed with her stuff.. She only showed me her work yesterday, and it is right up my street. I can't help but link it the genius of Basquiat. 

take a look at a few below..

'What you love is not always good for you'

'painting horrible pictures of nice boys'

i'm pretty sure the captions aren't the titles, however i like the ideology they create in unity with the pantings.
I think it is the colours and the, what appears to be, sporadic composition of images which make her work so aesthetically pleasing. The paint seems to have been effortlessly been placed on to the backing, and the words create a stream of consciousness of the complimentary patches of colour.

My art historical vocab seems to be coming back to me in dribs and drabs... but basically i love her work,  and the content and meanings locked within the pieces. 
SO check out her Fickr

Secondly, a while back i blogged about the Nike x Liberty collab. The full collection has dropped and it is simply perfect.

these two are my favourite. English and Beautiful.


Japan we <3 u.

cool cats japan shirt.

Everyone knows about what's happened in Japan - it is always so good to see that companies with the power to make even a small bit of difference do their piece.

My plastic heart is with you JAPANANANA.

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