Saturday, 12 March 2011


so i first heard about Austra last year, her rather raunchy video for 'beat and pulse' definitely stood out, however the actual track wasn't amazing, BUT, her new song, 'lose it' is something else, it has a melodic tune with a finger-tapping beat. check it out here... Austra - lose it.  

Getting back to fashion,

i nearly died the other night, when my mum was asking me what she should wear to a meeting. She then just casually dropped a massive, MASSIVE C-bomb on me - 'Shall i wear my Chanel coat?'....

Oh but not just any Chanel coat, a Vintage, mint condition, cashmere coat. 

It is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. 

I told her if i inherit nothing else, it is this coat, and maybe one or two of her vintage Chanel bags or belts that she has so many of, but never or rarely see the light of day.

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