Sunday, 27 March 2011

NEW HAIR, INK and video.

ok so i haven't posted in a while, been busy doing night shifts and the usual playtime.

This busyness translates into a few changes.

Firstly, me and my bro from OTT nails dip dyed our hair today. 
I have to say i am oh so pleased with the results as it was a DIY job.

i went for vibrant purple, but it came out slightly lighter, which i like a lot.

and chloe went for a reddy pink. It looks awesome. 

plus i got some new ink.

It is definitely my favourite tat i have so far.
it says Elvis Presley, and it's because i am in love with that man.

So that's it for my transient aesthetics, but check out this Video. Probably my favourite video of 2011 so far, and a dope song.

tomorrow i will do a 'what i've been wearing post', but so long for now. 

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