Sunday, 13 March 2011

smallest record in the world.

So i saw Chromeo a few years ago at Reading Festival, and have been intrigued ever since, and this video sums up their greatness -

And i know this post is not fashion related, but i just have to share this piece of amazingness. 

I now NEED to learn to drive, there are no two ways about it... i have always said i will only drive when i can afford a vintage car, that is now not the case, and i need to earn two hundred thousand pounds. 
This revelation has come about due to the new Porsche Singer 911.

Porsche really are on top of things. This is SO unbelievably on the money,
It has the aesthetics of a beautifully crafted vintage car but the reliability and agility of a modern day super car.

I am a massive car fan, but i definitely have a new favourite. 

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