Saturday, 5 March 2011

feeling groggy.

so, i haven't posted in a few days, had some really dirty 7 o' clock shifts at work, meaning a 4.30 wake up call.. not nice, but any way...

i've been feeling a bit down the past couple of days, feel like i'm at a fork in the road of life, so this post will consist of some things which radiate positivity and some music which i like, but reflects my wallowing state. 

firstly, a few images from the one and only Terry Richardson's diary


because i would. 

james FRANCO

Ash and m.kat

he is one of my favourite photographers, and one day i want to be as travelled, and meet as many people as he does. He is probably one of my biggest inspirations - and inspiration is what i need right now.

I like this song for it's weightlessness. It makes my mind wonder into a stream of consciousness. I really like music like that...
I have been listening to Adele's album on repeat lately, and that is an album which puts me in a trance of deep thought -  on one hand it is a beautiful album, but on the other hand i think i might have to stop listening to it because every song on the album is one of those songs which makes you think of one particular person - and for me it makes me miss and crave the innocence and happiness of that relationship.

I don't mean to get depressive on this blogpost so i'm going to switch it back to fashion and something i haven'y done in a while is fashion for the males. 

So check out these bad boys. 

They are a sophisticated creeper style boot, completely wearable, even for the guys that aren't brave enough to rock real creepers.

they are George cox & Luker collab by Neighbourhood and i think they are dope.

Plus, i was looking for something to make me feel better and i found it on this website. 

Watch the video... i love art like this, and i love the concept of breaking boundaries and showing a unity between conflicting countries. 

it really makes me want to do something worthwhile using art, fashion or just general creativity.

I'm craving inspiration and need cheering up so email me..

or facebook me

make the subject BLOG INSPIRE and i'll do a feature on the response i get. 

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