Thursday, 10 March 2011

tailored colour - guys and gallys.

guys, it's time to inject a bit of colour into your wardrobe, 
these looks by matthew miller would brighten up any fella's wardrobe whilst being a worthwhile item to own.

and surprisingly, i am actually very keen on these meggings (male-leggings) it think if you have a bit of gut, they would blow people's minds.

and for the gallys,

one of the first posts i did was about a designer  - Giambattista Valli
After fashion week i viewed his collection online, forgetting to post about it straight away, but here it is. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.
so tailored, so perfect.
so simple but this black cape and white dress just work, i would love to rock this with a bowler hat, messy hair (not that my hair is ever neat) and a pair of red tapestry LITA J. Campbell boots. (LITA BOOTS)

plus if i ever get married it will be in vegas, with an elvis impersonator conducting the ceremony, and i will be wearing red.. and that red dress will be this one. it is simply BREATH-TAKING.

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