Saturday, 15 January 2011

Froggy tea party.

i have just had the most surreal saturday night ever.
the idea was a formal tea party, wearing home made frog masks... 
it was definitely a winner!

we sat outside and drank tea, there was jazz music, guitar and a random trumpet. it was nothing less than beautiful.

a first for the world?

definitely an inventive way to spend a saturday night!

just to make this post fashion orientated as well, i have found a collection which i LOVE!

it is so much more than perfect and completely wearable.. i think it sums up how i am going to aim to dress in the coming months.


check out a few of my favourite looks...

orange.. colour of the SS11?

i would buy this complete outfit right now if i had the money. individually or together these this dogtooth ensemble screams perfection.

very clean and edgy, im loving the bell shaped tops. 

this dress steals the show. 

think i'm going to start saving so i can own at least one item from this collection

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