Tuesday, 25 January 2011

bape and topshop.

Me and my beautiful friend grace went to brick lane to check out the Bape pirate store today - It was good, definitely worth checking out. I bought myself the black pirate tee ---- i had to ask for it though, so if you're planning on making a trip there do make sure you check out what you're looking for before you go.. and then you might find some gems as well.

It was right next to Rough Trade so we stopped in and did some photos... we couldn't really work it out though hence the awkward outcome.

Lastly, as i should be starting work in Topshop sometime this week, (YAY, how i have missed it!)... i was checking out their blog... Inside - out

they have just launched a new way to shop... Edited... it's a hand-picked selection, by the head of design, of the best of the season... you can shop it online or in a sectioned off room at the flagship store.

i think its a good idea because i often find myself lost in the enormity of the store.

plus.... look at this AMAZING image they posted on their blog today...CHAN - EL - IPHANTS

butter all over the world is melting.

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