Tuesday, 18 January 2011

street style.

so here's my first street style post..

the trends are pretty scatty to be honest, but theres some lovely individual items.
some pictures didn't come out because of bad lighting so heres the best of the bunch.

these girls looked casual in their fur jackets

this shows how accessories can really add to an outfit.

because i'm a great fan of shirts done all the way up under jumpers. its simple and casual.

oversized jackets.. a winner for spring.

point to make here -  i really like the way this guy was dressed. his style was understated but current. I want to know where all the well dressed guys in leeds were hidden?... 

 monochrome done well.. completed with a black bow in her hair. simple and it works.

            i liked this girls knee-lenght dress and this guys oversized, long aviator. 
my lovely friend sophie was out in leeds.. she has such a definite style, very consistent... as she said she 'was born in the wrong era' i love her tapestry style bag and silk scarf. 

i really like some of the things people were wearing but i still think leeds has more to offer so next time I'm down visiting my sister--->
i'll update you on what people in leeds are wearing.

ps. i am love LOVE the top she has on in this photo i took of her today.. 'Livin' dreams sellin' creams' by  Stussy and it has a photo of an ice cream van. jokes buy me a coke. 

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