Thursday, 13 January 2011


so i just got to leeds, back to my room which is as grimey as ever, after a 5 hour trip on the megabus. got a really good response on facebook for my first post which was nice, thanks guys.

so anyways... point of the post....

firstly, sat on the megabus i felt quite out of place... so i took a photo. I couldn't resist wearing the feather bands we made yesterday even if all i was doing was travelling.

secondly - whilst i'm in leeds I'm going to do go out and find some stylish people on the street for inspiration; this should be posted by the end of the weekend so watch this space. 

thirdly - i forgot to say in my first post, please don't forget to leave comments, tips, advice... good or bad, just make it constructive.

lastly a little something to wet you ears... 
its beautiful and i love the concept of a high fashion brand doing live music sessions.

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