Monday, 31 January 2011

la roux meets james blake meets jamie t... Nike collab.. and Topshop.

so he looks like Elly Jackson from La Roux's little brother... he sounds like James Blake and he has the angst of Jamie T... and to top it all off he is only 16.

I like his vibe.. its not a spanking new track but i do think it is about to take off.. and even if this song doesn't go viral.. i reckon he will.. it's just a matter of time.

this is Zoo Kid... real name is Archy Marshall... he comes from london.

the title of the track is 'Out Getting Ribs'.. and is taken from a John Michel Basquiat work... this to me makes this track a million times better... i love John Michel Basquiat as an artist.. and 'Basquiat' is one of my favourite films.

Back to fashion

i am LOVING this collaboration... Nike and Andrea Crews.
its fresh, current and wearable... here are a few of my favourite pieces

i love the slashed bomber. i Need it! 

the visa block fringe really adds to the aesthetics of these photos.

also new Topshop spring summer 11 trends video..

shows all the current trends in Topshop.. Swedish summer, Graduation, Snake Valley and New Age Constellations which is the brand new trend set to drop at the end of the week.

it is shot by Tyrone Lebon and was styled by Beth Fenton.
i like the weightless feel of the short film but do wish they had focused on the fashion a little bit more as the styling you can see looks amazing.

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