Wednesday, 12 January 2011


this blog is inspiration and personal work for my passion and soon to be career. 
and to kick start it all off,
my bro, chloe and my dear friend georgia helped me to do a shoot.

inspiration for first shoot and name of blog = FEATHERS

basically i put together some outfits i styled as well as DIY feather headbands with the help of my bro! quick shout to her blog she's amazing.

i went for 3 themes.

feathers and fringing. (personal favourite)
black and nude
& denim and floral

i love the texture of the outfits. 
and our versatile feather headbands. proving DIY can be better than shop bought produce.

my favourite items used in the shoot are the american apparel disco pants. they are just god.. nipping and tucking in ALL the right places. 
my elvis bag just because elvis is my obsession.
and my minnie mouse creepers.. because creepers are fer sure the new D.M's.

well thats my debut!


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