Saturday, 22 January 2011

blue suede shoes.

as spring is fast approaching, i wanted to do a post on accessories... for the ladies. in particular hats and shoes.

All the shoes and hats featured in this post are from Topshop.

firstly, i Love the idea that everyone will be wearing Floppy hats this spring/summer.. they are so elegant and reminiscent of the 70's...  which is the most common inspiration through out the trends and brands.

here's a few of my favourite - notice they are all camel coloured - i think camel is the perfect colour for headwear this season. 

So on to the footwear. Think BLUE blue BLUE.

The fact all of them have open toes make them all perfect for the warm weather we hope for.

wedges are always a winner. On trend and always comfortable.

to play along with Topshop's 'Swedish Summer' trend the must wear with all these shoes is a cute pair of socks

wearing sock with heels is also more practical for the colder spring days.

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