Sunday, 30 January 2011


so i have been slacking on the blogging over the past few days, been really busy trying to sort out my life.

so to make up for it heres a collection of 'fings' which i think relevant.

firstly -  music...

this is the new video dropped on MTV in the US on the 27th of jan... 

Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill

reasons to love this video

1. inked gallys are hot!
2. the song is awesome. Quite moorish! 
3. the aesthetics of the video are a winner.
4. because i wish disposing of wannabe rockstars was as easy as opening a car door.
5. her accessories work.

secondly - mens fashion

so obey have launched their Spring/Summer 11 collection...
 some of their pieces were a bit off key... and are definitely inching away from the graphic prints which they are so well known for.

here are my 2 favourite looks from the collection,

i love the tribal inspired vest and the canvas rucksack. I could definitely see this as a wearable look for the summer. 

 i feel this is more american apparel than Obey, but hey, it still works and it is very wearable. love the tie dye tee.

Thirdly - Women's fashion

so this is my favourite website for inspiration. I have only ever bought one thing from this site... a bad wing cardigan, hand painted and jewelled. But i love looking at what they put up.

They just uploaded some new items in their vintage section - these are 2 of my favourite items.

rare Ozzy Osbourne tee. Who doesn't love a bit of the O-man. 
plus i love this gallys strawberry blonde hair. 

I love this dress.. its quite simple but its the detailing such as the v-neck which make it different from other LBD's. The gold studding and the way its been accessorised... no jewellery.. but a large hat and heeled jodhpur boots. 

I love hats like this. I think it is going to have to be my next purchase. I saw the hottest couple in Tesco yesterday... they were both wearing hats... she was wearing one like this and he was wearing a brixton hat with a feather in. 
 I was at the checkout next to them but i couldn't stop being a 'stalkypants' .. from head to toe they worked.. and arm in arm they complimented each other beyond belief but not in a cringe way. I wish i had my camera on me. 

anyway.. the website is Spanish Moss
check it out
lastly - accessories 

i think the must have accessory this summer is a homemade amethyst ring.

it's really cheap to buy a cluster like the one above... some super glue.. and an old ring. NO excuse as to why everyone shouldn't have one. You can buy Amethyst crystal clusters on the internet or in independent stores near you which sell all types of healing crystals etc. I'm pretty sure even shops like Presence sell crystal clusters. They just look really quirky and cost a bomb to buy as ready made jewellery.. so get creating.

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