Friday, 14 January 2011



so the main focus of my blog is definitely fashion however, fashion and music are never far apart. 

this video was dropped on youtube... TODAY... and it needs to be watched.
it is a live performance by UK singer/songwriter/producer James Blake of his track 'Wilhelm scream' from his self titled album and i think it is just beautiful.

what do you think?

and just to switch it up...

the new album by Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris, teamed with a few other fellows, they call themselves OFF! 

'a vital blast of classic hardcore' as it has been described.

heres a track from the album which dropped towards the end of last year...

i really like the video, the images and the general feel.. and they really capture the 80's punk vibe with their explosive sound. 

RIGHT! back to fashion!

seeing my love for Chanel was taken to a whole new level with a tattoo... i feel it only appropriate to post a few pictures from the breathtaking ss11 collection... i am even more in love it with it as there is a whole lot of feathers and fringing. 

chanel does monochrome like no one else. Karl is a genius. love, love, LOVE the frayed hems which appear through out the collection - adds a modern twist to otherwise classic items such as a tweed jacket.

FEATHERS! this amazing apricot number.. i just hope this makes it on to a red carpet at least once this year. 

Brad Koenig and his son! SO adorable... but the denim cowboy boots? KARL WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? 

feud ended!...the still beautiful Ines de la Fressange took to the runway with K.L to finish the amazing show. The dress she is wearing is perfect.. who says summer has to mean pastel colours?
favourite piece from the whole collection is these tweet hot pants. They are so bang on the 'sport shorts' trend but have the chanel stamp with the use of such a classic chanel material LOVE.
Leigh Lezark..i think this outfit is perfect. her shoes match her jet black hair and bring the look together.... i think, once again, its the feathering which create the WOW factor.

is that you courtney?... looking very elegant! i admire the fact Love can switch her look from grunge to glam ... being a chameleon is one of my favourite past times.

so the show was amazing.. i wouldn't say the same for the campaign however.. looks like they were lacking on the budget ... or something. Chanel is known for its classic images.. the model looks good! and i love the 'moth eaten' jackets from this collection but seriously .. this is more Topshop than Chanel.. and there is nothing wrong with Topshop i love it! but such a high fashion brand with such a strong image, which it is so admired for, should stick a bit closer to home!

Lastly, i went out onto the streets of leeds and took some street style photos but i didn't find that many people.. i feel leeds has more to offer... the guys and gallys i did take photos of were lovely... there was a lot of fur..(sorry animal rights lovers) lets hope its fake... so the complete street style will be up by sunday evening..

well thats all

... and breath.

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