Thursday, 27 January 2011

whats tight right now

so its freezing outside yet again but there are a lot of really cute summer dresses, skirts, shorts in all the high street stores, the solution is tights TIGHTS tights -  in all colours.

my best friend emily wore these white tights and a floral dress when i met her today, she always rocks white tights and i love it, i am definitely inspired to wear my pair in the next couple of weeks.

i took this photo on my brand SPANKING new Fuji Instax.. it is my new baby. i am going to keep it in my bag at ALL times from now on. 

It's Fuji's answer to the Polaroid. I was stuck between buying a Polaroid camera of Ebay but weighing up the economics of it, i could get a the Fuji camera brand new, with a 10 pack of film for less than £50.. i think thats a bargain. You can get film for around £15 for a pack of 20. Where as polaroid film, remade by the Impossible Project, works out at about £20 for a pack of 10... thats just a little unreasonable if you ask me. 

SO basically I'm a massive FUJI fan.

On to other tights.
So many people are rocking the Pretty polly and House of Holland collaboration tights lately, and i love them! i think they spruce up an simple outfit and make it sharp.. but i think there is room to branch out to different brands of hosiery..
for example..
these 'love' tights by Pamela Mann are classic pin up with a twist. 

these tights by Wolford would definitely make an outfit, that is for sure. 
and these Leo tights also by Wolford would be perfect to take a plain outfit.. whether it be shorts and a top or a simple dress.. from day to night.

so next time you are thinking to buy something new to wear out.. think tights. 

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