Sunday, 23 January 2011

Forever 21

so i just found out some MAJOR news.

forever 21... (the American based fashion retailer) .. is exploring British territory. SCORE.

for those who are not familiar with the brand, it's the USA's high street fashion store. It is the middle man of Topshop and Primark... a H&M kind of brand.. but not quite. 

You do have to hunt a bit but you will find some gems.

heres a few I've picked

 beaded hem tulle skirt £13.50
floppy hat - £12.80

summer essential (with socks) - £23.80

looped poncho - £11.95

cross connector ring
Ultimate buy - £1.50

lace socks - £4.80

Suede woven skirt - £24.80

suedette lace up boots - £21.80

suedette lace up ankle boots - £23.80

tribal print maxi skirt - £19.80

will there be room for another major fashion retailer?......

personally i think there will be! they offer something for everyone at very affordable prices. Not just clothes, but everything seems to be rapidly going up in price.. and forever 21 is definitely a store for the bargain hunters.

Forever 21 has opened their first store in Birmingham now!

they plan to open one soon in London Stratford, and then conquer more of Europe.

Just a quick note - my excitement comes about for Forever 21 as i went to a store whilst i was in Boston just under 2 years ago, and it was like a little treasure chest. I still wear some of the stuff i got from there.

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