Tuesday, 18 January 2011


so seeming as I'm going to be super busy for the next 2 days and have my beautiful friends from home coming to stay with me in leeds for 2 days i want to cram a few posts in right now.

this post is mainly for the guys. and mainly about shoes.

so the must have item, i think, for all guys, and even gallys - i do own some, is a pair of desert boots.
my lovely friend from uni popped over with his so i could take a few snaps..

this is joeeee

and his shoes.

they go with everything, there are so many variations of colour and slight variations in style - eg - thickness of the sole .. but you really can't go wrong.

heres the clarks originals

right now I'm liking the darker version as its not quite summer yet.

so i know a lot of people already own them... so wear them.. or if you don't ... buy them 

or if you want to be a bit more out there, but stick with the feel of the desert boot.. how about this pair of shoes. They were recently dropped in the Vans Vault spring summer collection.

the cut-out triangles give a simple shoe a different twist. I like that Vans have explored far more than just sneeks in this collection. 

i can see the moccasins from this collection being a very popular summer investment for a lot of guys.

Just as a late addition.. i found these beauties.. 
they were dropped by Pretty Green.. Liam Gallagher's company - Liam worked closely with the Clarks originals team to produce these lovely creations - seeming as this was my last post whilst living in leeds -  it seems appropriate that they are made from Janus Butt suede made in leeds.

away from the feet and moving towards the hands..

check out these amazing rings by Han Cholo

the one with the LOCO hat is my favourite.

definitely some fun finger work for the fella's 

and seeming as this post was about shoes... heres something for the the girls to feast their eyes on...

i love these loafers by pointer.. the fiery stitching makes them really different from the ones which grace our Highstreet.

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